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Effective ABS workouts!

  • ABS MUSCLE STIMULATORthat practically replicates exercise!
  • 6 stimulation modes & 10 intensity levels!
  • Ready to use! Includes: abs & arms stimulators!

The ABS MUSCLE STIMULATOR is the super powerful and EFFECTIVE 6 PACK solution that helps quite effortlessly strip away your abdominal fat to finally show off your TONED ABS.

This amazing device is suitable for arm, waist, and leg muscles training.

Concentrated exercise of the abdominal muscles

This smart fitness device is specifically designed for the abdominal area, with 6 wings that fit perfectly to the abdominal muscles. Features 6 work modes and 10 levels of intensity for your training demand. EMS works directly on the abdominal muscles.

20-30 minutes a day does the trick

20-30 minutes a day is all you need, and you can do the training while working or even while reading or watching TV!

Tone up anytime, anywhere

Thin and lightweight design so that you can have your muscle training not only in the gym, but also in office during your work and in home while you do the housework.

The product concept is “Wearable Training Gear”. Using a highly pliable soft silicone, it’s thin and flexible in order to follow the curves of our body. This resulted in a design that closely fits with your everyday life.

The pads stimulate nerves directly which stimulates the muscle directly

  • Rectus Abdominis.
    The central abdominal muscles, these make up the sixpack.
  • Internal Obliques.
    Tighten the waist and work on the “love handles”.
  • External Obliques.
    Work these muscles for greater flexibility.
  • Transversus Abdominis.
    Vital muscles for core health and strength.

It’s comfortable

When you first start toning, you will feel a tingly sensation. As you increase the intensity you will start to feel distinct muscle contractions. This is when you are optimizing your workout. It should not be too uncomfortable, but you should feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little bit harder every time you tone.

Conductive hydrogel patches

Hydrogels have electrical conductivity, low irritation, high adhesion. Patches are generally used continuously for 25-30 days and need to be replaced after that. Since human skin has oil stains, it is best to use after cleaning the skin