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šŸ˜Cure Allergic Rhinitis withĀ no pain, no drugs,Ā andĀ no side effects.Ā 

RHINITIS THERAPY MACHINE deals with the following symptoms:

  • Ā Hay Fever
  • Ā Common Cold
  • Ā Sinusitis
  • Ā Nasal Congestion
  • Ā Itching
  • Ā Sneezing
  • Ā Runny and Stuffed Nose
  • Ā Headaches

Bionase IR Rhinitis Therapy Machine

    Low-level narrow band light technology through the Rhinitis Therapy Machine effectively relieves ALL of these symptoms.

    This technology can help you alleviate these issuesĀ permanently.

    Bionase IR Rhinitis Therapy Machine

    The symptoms are all the result ofĀ contaminantsĀ in the back of theĀ nasal passage,Ā causingĀ circulatory problemsĀ and these oftenĀ distressing and uncomfortableĀ symptoms. Conventional treatments such as antihistamines and nose sprays provideĀ only temporaryĀ reliefĀ and aĀ variety of side effects.

    Bionase IR Rhinitis Therapy Machine

    This Rhinitis Therapy DeviceĀ is aĀ revolutionary medical deviceĀ for personal use for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis - Hay Fever symptoms usingĀ 630 nm red light.

    This is theĀ optimal wavelengthĀ to achieve the desired effect of treatingĀ Allergic Rhinitis symptoms.
    ThisĀ DeviceĀ isĀ completely safe, hasĀ no side effects, and isĀ 100% free of any medication.


    • 100% Natural - AbsolutelyĀ no side effects.
    • UseĀ safelyĀ alongside anyĀ medication.
    • ProvidesĀ instant reliefĀ fromĀ nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, runnyĀ andĀ stuffed nose, headachesĀ andĀ teary eyes.
    • Eliminates the need for constant nasal spray usage.
    • Works withĀ seasonal allergies symptoms.
    • Works with dog allergies.

      Bionase IR Rhinitis Therapy Machine
      HOW TO USE:

      1. 1 time a day for 4.5 minutes of sessions.
      2. Once symptoms are relieved, reduce the number of treatment sessions and use it as needed.
      3. The device automatically switches off at the end of the treatment session.
      4. It should only take 1-2 weeks to start seeing results!
      5. The unit will turn off automatically after unplugging the cord